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Kaiba Seto
25 October
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((Kaiba Seto is RPed by SK-chan, user sk_chan. She IS him...ok, well, not really.))

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Name: Kaiba Seto.
Gender: Male.
Age: 16-17.
Birthdate: October 25th.
Height: 186 cm (approx. 6'1".)
Weight: 65 kg (approx. 143 lbs.)
Hair Color: Brown.
Eye Color: Blue.
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio.
Blood Type: A.
Location: Domino, Japan.
Occupations: CEO at KaibaCorp, Student at Domino High School.
Family: Kaiba Mokuba (brother), Kaiba Gozaburo (foster father), Kaiba Noa (Gozaburo's son.)
Marital Status: Single.
Deck Type: Beatdown (Virus Combo Deck.)
Signature Cards: Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Obelisk the Tormentor, Crush Card.

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Congratulations. You have managed to stumble upon my profile, in which I have no idea how...I have high security, enough to guard Bill Gate's estate, or mine for that matter. Yes, go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back. You have the privilage of listening to my life story. This information is highly classified and charges will be pressed upon you if you tell a soul about the following.

I'm Kaiba Seto, President of Kaiba Corporation. Of course, I wasn't always a CEO, but I have been since I defeated my adopted father and took control of Kaiba Corp. You're not allowed to speak of him as long as I exist. He's a bastard and doesn't deserve to live...which is why he's dead.

It all started at the orphanage. My mother and father had passed away, leaving me and my brother behind. Those were difficult times. Many people were willing to adpot me, but I refused until I was taken with my younger sibling, Mokuba.

Eventually, the past CEO of my company showed up and wanted to adopt me, but not my brother. I challenged him to a chess match. If I won, we would both be adopted by this man. His name was Kaiba Gozaburo.

Of course, I was the victor.

That bastard. He was the exact opposite of what I thought a family should be. He forced me to study day and night, ruling his mansion with an iron fist. If I were to disobey his orders, he'd punch me in the stomach and slap me a few times on the cheek. Maybe a bruise or two on the arms.

I finally got the confidence to throw him out. At a board meeting, I showed Gozaburo I had aquired half of KaibaCorp's shares. Of course, that wasn't enough to get rid of the man, but Mokuba decided to throw over his own share. That's when the previous CEO of Kaiba Corporation, obviously unfit to rule his empire, committed suicide in front of the entire board. He jumped out the window and plunged to the depths of Hell.

I claimed the company as my own and transformed it from a dog to the military (it's soul job was to create tanks and other mindless war adhancers) into the highest-ranked producer in games. This was the great turning point of my life.

I teamed up with the owner of Industrial Illusions, Pegasus J. Crawford, to produce new technologies for his game of Duel Monsters. I was introduced to this intriguing card game and became obsessed with it, as I still am today. I was once the World Champion.

Then along came Yuugi, a random boy from out of nowhere who just so happened to play the same card game. I was challenged to a duel, positive I'd win against this fern-headed pipsqueak...but I was wrong.

He defeats me...crushes me...destroys me. I won't go into detail, but I went into depression for a long while. I wasn't good enough. I couldn't be good enough. I had dreadful nightmares, causing me to experience death over and over in my head. It felt so...real. I became afraid of shutting my eyes.

After realizing the fact I had been beaten and couldn't change a thing about it, I began strengthening my deck, building it around powerful monsters and useful magic and trap cards. My deck seemed unbeatable...and the nightmares ceased.

Many events followed, strangling the neck of my life with false stories and strange mishaps, such as Pegasus kidnapping my younger brother and Malik's gang terrorizing the town of Domino during my first hosted tournament, Battle City. Quite an original name, hm? But I eventually slipped off the noose. I held my own tournaments once in a while...and they were quite peaceful compared to Battle City. KaibaCorp continued to rise and it's goods continued to sell...but I still felt empty inside, wondering what was missing...was it the title of Duel King? Was it spending more time (in which I don't have) with Mokuba? I had no idea and still don't.

And now, I open a new chapter to my life. This one is unpredictable, as the future isn't known or preordained. I don't believe in that nonsense. I make my own destiny.


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